Daniel Stalter on the Cesar Torres Podcast

Daniel was a guest on the Cesar Torres Podcast, where he and Cesar talked about Horror and Self Publishing.

“Native Sons: Hometown (Comic Book) Heroes Return!”

A article and interview with Daniel and artist Reed Olsen about returning home for the upcoming Saratoga Comic Con.

Cleek The Geek Interview

Daniel and Reed did an interview with Cleek the Geek as a part of their recurring ‘The Seven’ segment.


I love the gestural artwork and ink washes… Like a nightmare dipped in a candy shell.”
– Ben Beaury, Geeks OUT.

“Dream Crasher is a truly unique piece of art.”

“The start of a fascinating new horror series.”
PlayNicePlayNow (PN2)

“When it comes down to the action sequences… there’s truly no bounds to Olsen’s work.”
– For the Love of Indie

“There’s a lot of great storytelling to be had here, and it’s only the beginning.”
For the Love of Indie

“The design of Creature is the real standout in Dream Crasher.  This is a being that should not exist.  The first time we see it is in a full-page spread as it looms over Amalie.  It’s massive in size with extra appendages popping out in odd places.  There are a a few additional fingers, some tendrils jutting out of its shoulder, and strange spikes sporadically placed around its arms.  It’s like a more terrifying version of the Toxic Avenger.  Just standing there looks painful for it, like every moment of life is excruciating.”
Horror Talk