May 12, 2022 | Conventions

NYC Queer Comic Fair

April 23 & 24, 2022
New York, NY




This was my first show of 2022. I arrived very sweaty and barely on time. It was very warm inside the BGSQD, but it is still a lovely little space full of queer books. I had a little half-table setup next to James Dillenbeck. Attendance was light but remained consistent throughout both days. I did fine on sales. It was my first time doing a show with Reed’s beautiful new Riders in a Mink Cage. I got plenty of new mailing list sign-ups and a few new subscribers to Dream Crasher on WEBTOON. I felt a little rusty transforming from my introverted anxious self into an extroverted book salesman. Thankfully it won’t be almost a year until my next show. I’ll be back for Flame Con in August and will be returning to Baltimore and Saratoga this fall.




This was my first time back since tabling at the fair in 2019. I booked this table way back in 2020. It was nice to finally have the show.

• I was struck as I was packing up that I would not be seeing John Jennison at the show this year. His presence at these shows felt like something I could always count on. It made me really happy that It’s Alive Comics had a display of his work. I bought myself one of my favorite prints (pictured below).

• The crowd was small but friendly. I love queer audiences. Big or small it always feels special to be a part of spaces for queer art and stories.

• It was a good feeling when I realized that we have so many books now they barely fit on a half table display. I’m going to have to get creative for future shows.

Kyle did an excellent job of making sure everyone was well hydrated. I know pulling off a show of this sort is no simple task, so I feel like I need to mention all the praise. A special shout-out to the late start time. I love that it’s always the queer shows that start in or afternoon.

• As positive as the experience was, I was also very ready for the show to be over when I closed up shop. Taking a day off to recover post-con has become a standard for me, and I needed it this time. I don’t know how some people do multiple shows a month. 


A view from the other side.


Would I go back?

This is my second time with this show. Yes, I would go back, though maybe it would be good to take a year or two off before I do. Gives other faces a chance to sell their wares and gives me a chance to build up a larger inventory of books.


And finally…

Obligatory Convention Selfie