Nov 7, 2018 | Conventions

New York Comic Con 2018

October 4-7, 2018
Jacob K. Javits Center
New York, NY.




This was my first time as an official exhibitor at NYCC after going for 6 years as a guest. I shared a table in the Small Press section with Caleb Thusat of Village Comics. Caleb and I met when we both launched our first Kickstarter campaigns at the same time in 2016. Both of us had also just hit the next big milestone of collecting our first graphic novels in 2018. Having a book you can sell for a high dollar amount is essential for a show like NYCC, which has notoriously steep table prices. I never could have made my table money back on single issues alone. All in all, it ended up being my most profitable show in the year. I had a ton of fun, both on the floor and at the Creator After Con Networking events. I met a ton of new people and reconnected with some of my favorites. I saw some amazing cosplay. I took Creature on some subway adventures and no one got eaten. It was an exhilarating and exhausting weekend; the sort you never want to end but are always glad when it does. It was a fitting send off to 2018.




•  I loved setting up the day before the actual show. After getting the bulk of my stuff all set up and laid out, I went to a yoga class to clear my head and reset my energy. It made for a very smooth start on Thursday morning.

•  It was nice to finally meet Caleb in person for the first time after knowing each other through Facebook and Kickstarter for a good two and a half years.

•  Caleb’s brilliant innovation of foam squares to stand on. I learn something new at every show and this was a great find.

•  Tabling next to Wayward Raven was fun. We have been frequent table neighbors at cons over the years and it’s always nice to see them.

•  Taking Creature on the subway was more fun than I expected. I only brought on Friday and took him home on Saturday so I wouldn’t have to carry him with the rest of my stuff.



•  The Creator After Con Networking Event was tons of fun. I got to meet Adam Ferris, Chistof Bogacs, and Russell Noehlty. Got spotted reading comics at a bar like a bunch of nerds.

•  I saw, talked to, and hung out with some of my favorite creators in the business, including Joe Corallo, Shawn Gabborin, Greg Anderson Elysee, James E. Roche, Johnny C, and Patrick Sinnot.

•  I gave a copy of Dream Crasher to Dirk Manning and posed for a picture with him and Creature.



•  My friend Izzy Man from my Slam Poetry days stopped by, and so did my friend Stephanie.

•  Fellow Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writer Brad Parks stopped by with his partner. 

•  Some some amazing cosplay, my favorites were the Assholes from Spaceballs and the genderfuck take on Cruella de Vil.

•  I’m certain I forgot a few things, but it was a beast of a weekend. Thank the unions for that Monday holiday after.


Would I go back?

It’s a local show for me, so it’s a no brainer. This is an easy yes. I may not exhibit every year, but unless I’m traveling for some reason, I will be there.


And finally…

Obligatory Convention Selfie