Aug 13, 2019 | Conventions

Electric City Comic Con 2019

July 13, 2019
Schenectady County Public Library
Schenectady, NY




I have been wanting to do Electric City Comic Con since it was first recommended to me by Drew, host of the For the Love of Indie podcast. Every year since it has conflicted with Reader Con or some other part of my schedule, but I was finally able to make it happen in 2019. Electric City Comic Con is hosted by the Schenectady County Public Library, meaning it’s curated and run by a bunch of badass librarians. It was extremely well-organized, free for attendees, and the library setting naturally attracted an audience that was interested in books. Overall, it turned out to be my best and favorite show so far this year. If I had to sum it all up into one sentence it would be this: more cons should be organized by librarians.




•  I did an interview with Chad Burdette of The Comics Multiverse on the Times Union Blog.

•  I had a great time tabling next to Jennifer Dugan, author of the LGBT+ YA novel Hot Dog Girl and the horror comic Circadia. I’m looking forward to seeing her again at Flame Con later this week.

•  Sometimes you get a good selfie in one take. Other times, getting that selfie with the right angels proves to be elusive. After many attempts, all of which Jennifer witnessed, I did finally get a decent one.

•  I met fellow Brooklynite Molly Brooks and picked up a copy of her short horror comic The Tangled Ghost.

•  I also got to meet cartoonist Sean Kelley and artist Raymond Lowell.

•  There were a lot of kids whose primary interest was collecting stickers for the scavenger hunt. It was cute seeing so many parents reminding them to say please and thank you when they came to my table.

•  I love one and two day shows. No con should ever be three or more days unless they are selling out all three of those days. I avoid doing a lot of shows for this exact reason.



Would I go back?

Absolutely. This was one of my best shows so far this year. Plus it was an excuse to visit home and see some friends and family in the process. They like to alternate their guest list from year to year, which I think is a great practice for maintaining a variety for the attendees. Since it naturally conflicts with Reader Con, I’m thinking this would be a great show to do every other year if they will have me back.


And finally…

Obligatory Convention Selfie

A 47-part series, where I probably should have just gone with the first one.