Oct 30, 2014 | Conventions

Saturday – October 11

After a solid night’s sleep, Jaime and I started our day in Artist Ally. I picked up volume one of Runners by Sean Wang. I’m in the middle of reading it now, and it’s really quite good.  I also stopped by Dirk Manning’s booth in isle H8 (easy to remember from Friday’s presentation). Had a really nice little conversation about the creator community and the industry. Picked up Write or Wrong and the first volume of Tales of Mr. Rhee, the latter of which I just finished and thoroughly enjoyed. Manning has a great talent for building worlds through small moments, one short story at a time.



I had a nice conversation about Bushwick with another Brooklyn-based writer, David Parkin. Picked up the first issue of The Devil is Due in Dreary, which they are hoping to adapt into a feature length film. Jaime grabbed my attention and introduced me to Kristen Gudsnuk, an NYC-based creator of Hench Girl. Picked up the first issue and had a great conversation about fonts. I didn’t realize how easy it was to create one based on your own handwriting. On a side note, Hench Girl was very enjoyable and I will be getting the rest of the issues the next time I get a chance to.


The geekiest panel  I went to this year was one close to my heart: A New Dawn – The Future of Star Wars publishing. There’s a part of me that’s prone to nerd rage in regards to Episode VII eradicating the Expanded Universe. This is what amounts to the first “reboot” of the Star Wars Universe, and the future is very much unknown. So far as I know, Jar Jar Binks and the painful dialogue of the prequel trilogy unfortunately survived this massive reboot effort. I’m actually very interested in checking out A New Dawn (when it comes out on paperback), and I like the measured approach that they are taking to building out this new Star Wars Universe beyond the beloved original trilogy. They are keeping very close to the Rebellion and not going too far out just yet. As it has been said – the Expanded Universe hasn’t gone away and will continue to be published under the Star Wars Legends banner. Maybe someday I will still yet see that animated adaptation of the New Jedi Order I’ve always dreamed about.



When I headed back to Artist Ally after the panel, I picked up the first issue of the new God Hates Astronauts by Ryan Brown. I also met up with Izzy Man (dressed at the Black Mask) and was introduced to Michael Sarrao and John Broglia, the writer and artist for Unmasked. Spent the last of my cash for the con picking up the first volume of that. From there, Jaime and I decided to call it a night and make our way back to Brooklyn. It had been a long three days. The introvert in me was ready to kick back, start reading from the pile of new comics I had picked up, and not talk to anyone for a few days.



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